George Herman Gray
Created by Philip Harper

GEORGE HERMAN GRAY, (named for Babe Ruth) is described as a Travis McGee for the nineties in a cover blurb from John Sandford.

One thing for sure -- he knows how to keep a secret. For a price. When honest, good people have no chance of recovering the money they are owed, he'll use a dangerous form of blackmail to make sure the guilty pay. In fact, the former investigative reporter (and occasional "avenging angel-for-hire") was fired because he used an investigation to get some justice for the victims, by blackmailing the villains instead of writing the story.

Not that he seems to have learned anything. In his latest adventure, Death Benefit (2000), he's up to his old tricks, conning the con artists, taking on the insurance industry, or at least one particularly vile member of it. Based on actual Pulitzer Prize winning reporting, and billed as "investigative thrillers," this series has drawn praise for its in-depth look at the shenanigans of big business, such as real estate, insurance and medicine, and for its at-times uncompromisingly dark and disturbing tone.

Philip Harper is a pseudonym for Jonathan Neumann, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Stuart Green, a criminal psychologist who spent years working for the courts of New York City.



Thanks to Ron Smyth on Rara-Avis for the heads-up.

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