Created by Yoshiaki Kawarjiri

Hey, you okay? You look like you got something in your eye...What?...Oh...Never mind, then...

I'm not sure what to make of this one. GOKU, THE MIDNIGHT EYE, is a former cop turned P.I., with a cyberkinetic implant in his left eye, in a series of futuristic animated tales from Japan now available on video. Not for kids, though, since they contain "some scenes of nudity and extreme violence."

I'm not sure if they're straight to video, or collections from original television or theatrical releases or whatever. All I know is they're from the director of Wicked City and Ninja Scroll, whatever they are, and that you can order English-dubbed versions of them from places like Facets.

Oh, and that in the first one, Goku investigates a rash of suicides by police officers, and eventually confronts an enigmatic femme fatale who may be responsible for those deaths. But can he resist her charms? In the second tape, a missing persons case leads him into a nasty and bloody mess of military and family secrets. And that's about it.

If anyone knows anything else, please let me know.


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