Abraham Gentry
Created by Alan J. Dachman

"Nothing Has Ever Stripped Your Nerves As Screamingly Raw As The Gore Gore Girls"
-- tagline

The Gore Gore Girls (1972) was goremeister H.G. Lewis' last film before he retired, and he went out with a blood-drenched bang, not an anemic whimper.

In this one, Frank Kress stars as surly wiseass private eye ABRAHAM GENTRY, hired by ace reporter Nancy Weston (Amy Farrell) to look into the murder and susequent mutiliation of stripper Suzy Creampuff. Gentry heads off to the joint where Suzy worked, and manages to spread his questionable charm around, cracking bad jokes, snide remarks and the like while ostensibly interviewing potential witnesses. But another dance, Kandy Cane, is murdered before he can question her. And another and another, each in sadistic and highly creative ways. And so it begins...

Henny Youngman shows up as well, as Marzdone Mobilie, the owner of a chain of strip joints. He's just one of the lovely folks in this sleaze-O-rama. We also get to meet Joseph Carter, a horny student who had the hots for Ms. Creampuff, Grout, a bartender and slightly cross-wired Vietnam vet who crushes melons to relax; and Mary Magdeleni, head of a radical feminist group.

Of course, in the end, gentry convinces Nancy to pose as a stripper in an attempt to trap the killer. Lots of laughs, lots of boobs, lots of gore. Why this one was bypassed by the Academy is a real mystery. I mean, gee, blood, sex, Henny Youngman and even a head squashed by a car. What more could they want?


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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