Created by Terrance Dicks

Somethings really are universal. On the distant planet of Megerra in the year 2594, right on the edge of the Doctor Who universe, there lives a private eye who is literally one of a kind.

GARSHAK is an Ogron, but not a typical Ogron. Ogrons are a race of large, ape-like aliens. Ogrons are known to be vicious, physically powerfull and not especially bright. Most of them work as mercenaries and hired muscle. They aren't clever enough to be disloyal and respond well to authority figures.

Garshak is an exception. He was the end result of a notable scientific experiment to breed intelligent Ogrons. The process of doing so was "painful" . Some Ogrons emerged from it being slightly smarter then they were before. Garshak came out of it as a certifiable genius. He then promptly killed the scientist in charge to insure that there would be no more like him.

Eventually, he made his way to Megerra. This was a planet known for two things -- it's extensive mining industry and it's large assortment of illegal and semi-legal "entertainemnts'. It would eventually became an infamous tourist spot where millions of different species would go to in order to indulge themselves. Garshak became the chief of police on this world and a corrupt one at that... but as long as violent crime on the planet remained low and as long as business was good the government overlooked his other activities.

But once Megerra became a really famous tourist spot, Garshak was fired. It was decided he was too conspicuos for their purposes. He lived off his ill-gotten gains for awhile but eventually needed to go into a new line of work. He decided to become a "private cop", a detective, and much to his surprise- he found he actually liked helping others.

Ogron was created bu sci-fi author Terrance Dicks. He first appeared in the novel Shakedown (1996), part of "The New Doctor Who Adventures". His first appearance as a P.I . is in Mean Streets (1997).

For more information about Ogrons, try to watch the televised Doctor Who episodes "Day Of The Daleks" or "Frontier In Space".


Report respectfully submitted by Mark Geldmeyer.

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