Micki Garrity
Created by J. Michael Blue

Naples, Florida P.I. MICKI GARRITY may live in a nice high-rise condo, and have a nifty office out on the Tamiami Trail, but she's plagued by her large and often trouble-prone family, up to and including the "family saint,", Aunt Marie, dead for ten years, who still pops up in her conscience every now and then to nag and remind her that "family is everything."

Not that there's actual supernatural boogie woogie things going on here -- Micki's world is far too grounded in reality for that.

In Micki's first recorded case, A Favor For Zodiac (2001, CoffeeCup), an attempt to help out her wayward cousin Timothy, AKA "Zodiac," soon has her up to her neck in Florida's thriving drug trade. It seems Timothy has been helping launder money for a big-shot dealer, but some of his deposits are "a little light." and for some peculiar reason, the dealer would like his money back.

This e-book, the first from Coffee Cup Press, is a great read, an amusing and colourful little jolt of entertainment, with an affable and pleasingly down-to-earth hero and a bouncy, easy-going style that suits the e-book format just fine. And Garrity turms out to have quite a sharp eye for the telling detail , and an even sharper wit when it comes to telling us about it. More please.



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