Harry Garnish & Sister Bridget O'Toole
Created by Frank McConnell

A sort of at times cozyish spin on A.A. Fair's Donald Lam and Bertha Cool.

Hard-drinking, slow-thinking Chicago private eye HARRY GARNISH's main problem in life isn't his alcohol intake or his lack of speed in the cogitation department.

No, according to Harry, the biggest problem in life is Sister Bridget O'Toole, a fat, chronically-optimistic, goody-goody nun who just happens to be his boss.

Seems the good Sister inherited the detective agency Harry works for from her late brother, and she seems to have no intention of selling off her part of the business to Harry. Instead, she insists in becoming involved in the agency's cases, much to Harry's chagrin.

Questions of faith occasionally arise, but are promptly swatted away like so many bothersome houseflies...



Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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