Frank Richmond
Created by Anthony Graham

Married, with mob ties...

FRANK RICHMOND is a former homicide cop turned private eye whom his old buddies on the force suspect has underworld connections.

And it turns out they're right. Frank's best friend is Rod Mason, an old ex-soldier buddy and supposedly retired mob boss, once the "power behind the scenes" in Marina, who now runs the Belinda Club. Frank's wife Vivian is a very rich, very smart beautiful ex-showgirl who used to work with Rod's wife Sybil who is still her best friend.

Frank is certainly closer to Rod than he is to the police, although he does keep in touch with his former partner, Lieutenant Dan Finerty.

They all live in a town called Marina, purportedly somewhere on California's Pacific Coast next door to a town called Orinda. I bought the original hardback edition, not a reprint, and I couldn't find any information about the author or character.

At first I had a feeling the author might be Canadian, because the prose, despite the setting, "felt" British, but it turns out that Graham was just another British author cranking out self-consciously "American-style" hard-boiled detective novels for Boardman, a U.K. pulp publisher, in the sixties and seventies, several of which have been recently reprinted by the Linford Large Print Mystery Library.

He also wrote another series, featuring Eric Marsden, as well as a handful of standalones.



Respectfully submitted by Eric Chambers, with additional info and commentary provided by Kevin Burton Smith.

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