(Mostly) Straight from the Author's Mouth

Detective Fork
Created by Kevin J. Guhl

DETECTIVE FORK is not just another hard-boiled eye -- he's also a piece of cutlery.

No, really.

He appears regularly in the "World's Sharpest" web comic written and drawn by very twisted puppy Kevin "No Relation" Guhl.

But I could never really do justice to this one (Honest! I really couldn't!) so I'll let Kevin do it for ya...

"Detective Fork is a a sleuth as quick with a punch to the prongs as he is at solving high-profile mysteries. His adventures take place in 1930s Silver City, where its utensils have hopes of a shiny future but cannot escape the rusty underbelly of their metropolis. If you haven't guessed by now, all the characters in this comic are silverware. :)

I first drew Detective Fork in 1989 and the comic was a regular feature in my college newspaper form 2001-2002. I decided to make it a web comic only in late 2004 and continue to draw Fork's adventures. Detective Fork has stared to gain an online following and I've received many positive reviews in the relatively short time I've had the comic online. (Many of these reviews come from DrunkDuck.com, a web comic directory where I post the strips.) I'm told it's very original and the readers have responded well to the badass nature of the noir detective. Some are even shocked when I put in dark twists in character, violence and predjudices I believe are part of the genre.

Detective Fork is something I plan to continue for a long time... If you wouldn't mind returning the link in your comics links section, that would be great. If you saw fit to include Detective Fork in your Detectives A-L section, it would truly rock my world. :-)"

Consider it rocked, Kevin.





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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