Laura Flynn
Created by Lesley Grant-Adamson

One of the post-eighties lady dicks, British Division, LAURA FLYNN is the head of the London-based Flynn Detective Agency which has, at times, been reduced to tracing missing cats.

Laura comes from a large Irish family, and is very much apart of the close-knit Irish community. She's single (although she was once apparently "Mrs. Brenan") and, according to one blurb she's "gutsy, streetwise and with a strong sense of justice (ain't they all?).

Her debut recorded case, the eponymously-titled Flynn (published as Too Many Questions in the U.S.), was introduced with much ballyhoo in 1991, but follow-ups have been few and far between, as far as I know. Laura most recent appearance appearance was in a short story in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine in 2001.

Lesley Grant-Adamson is "certainly among the top crime writers of our younger generation," The Times (London) once said. She's written over a dozen books, all over the mystery genre, from cosies to thrillers to P.I. cases. As well, she's a well-respected feature writer for The Guardian, and a freelance writer of television documentaries. And in 1996, she wrote Crime & Suspense Fiction: And Getting Published, a how-to book for writers, using her experiences teaching creative writing in university, writers' groups and prison.




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