Anne Fitzgerald
Created by James Patterson

This ex-sister is doing it for herself.

ANNE FITZGERALD earned her masters in psychology from Harvard. She spent three and a half years with the Boston Police Department while paying her way through school, and discovered she liked everything about the work except the old boy network that ran the department, so she left and hung out her own shingle in the Back Bay area and became a PI on the mean streets of Boston.

Psychology degree and police department connections aside, Anne is not just the female version of Patterson's more famous sleuth, Alex Cross. Unlike Cross, Anne used to be a nun. She had entered the novitiate at fourteen and spent a few years sporting a wimple and sensible oxfords within the walls of St. Mary's Dominican convent. She left the convent after attracting the forbidden attention of Father Justin O'Carroll and pursued her education. Although it has been seven years since she was a nun, she is the Archdiocese of Boston's first choice when they have a problem. She has investigated a priest accussed of rape and a shooting within one of their churches in the past, so when they need someone to investigate the discovery of a pregnant virgin, Cardinal John Rooney pays her a visit. It soon develops that there is more than one pregnant virgin and the race is on to determine which bears the new messiah, and which the spawn of evil itself as fortold in visions at Fatima so many years ago. As a former nun, Anne has just the mixture of faith and skepticism for the job at hand.

RIYL: Alex Cross




Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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