One Rich Dick...

Christopher Fenn
Created by Manning Lee Stokes (also wrote as March Marlowe, Ken Stanton, Kermit Welles and Nick Carter; 1911-76)

CHRISTOPHER FENN is a rather soft-boiled private investigator who prefers to be called a criminologist.  A former OSS officer, he's one of the fortunate few who inherited enough money to be able to take only those cases which interest him.  He even looks rich, a tall thin man in his late thirties with dark hair colored gray at the temples.   Between cases he writes thin monographs on a wide variety of subjects, such as "An Inquiry Into Neo-Semantic Theory."  His cases seem to revolve around odd artifacts.

He lives in a house with its own shooting gallery with a hep talking, zoot suit wearing Filipino house boy named Bop, and an English bulldog named Pudge.  Penny Roche, his beautiful secretary, pushes him to take cases because she gest bored typing his little volumes.

Manning Lee Stokes was a prolific writer who wrote for the pulps, as well as the Nick Carter, Richard Blade, John Eagle, Expediter, and Aquanauts series under a variety of pen names.


Report respectfully submitted by Glen Davis.

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