Samantha "Sam" Falconer
Created by Victoria Blake

Oxford Town, Oxford Town...

Oxford's SAMANTHA "SAM" FALCONER is a Judo champion and London private eye who makes a promising debut in Bloodless Shadow and has since more than paid off that promise. In that first appearance, Sam returns to her hometown of Oxford when she's hired to look for a young woman, but things are complicated by numerous other events in her life -- most notably her recent discovery of a murdered four-year-old, and the receipt of a letter from her father who's been presumed dead for the last 28 years.

Part of the appeal of the book is, of course, the finely rendered setting of Oxford itself -- the ancient stome buildings, the finely kept lawns, the hallowed halls and those those ivy-covered walls -- and the fact that, due to her painful childhood, Sam hates the whole damn town.

Methinks the loady doth protest too much.

Since then she's tackled the disappearance of a talented young rower from Oxford who might have drowned in the icy winter waters of the Thames, anonymous death threats sent to her brother in Oxford and finally given in and opened a branch of her PI agency in Oxford.

Victoria Blake was born in Oxford and spent her childhood in Queen's College, Oxford, where her father was Provost. Having qualified as a solicitor, she worked for a publisher and as a bookseller, before turning to writing.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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