Elvis Horn
Created by Jess Wilcox; pseudonym of Morris Hershman, (1926- )

Private eye ELVIS HORN has heard all the jokes, thank you, thank you very much.

But he had the name long before that hillbilly caterwauler ever thought of it. Based in New York City, he is on vacation in Las Vegas in his one and only appearance, Kill Me, Sweet, a 1960 Monarch PBO, when he's hired by mobster Mike Fisher to locate a former nightclub owner in the Big Apple named Fred Montgomery.

But Fisher hasn't seen the fellow for around thirteen years andeverybody else thinks he's dead. Still, the wise guy is willing to paw good money for a little chat with the missing man, so Horn is willing to look. His search takers him to Paris, where he is temporarily distracted by the tasty Anne Jones. Then, on to Rome, where he must get close to the spicy Karen Albert, a hot lead to where Montgomery is hiding out. But first, he has to get through the wall of thugs in between. This globe-trotting shamus is a capable fellow, though more suave Peter Gunn than tough Mike Hammerr, which is worthy of note when considering the era.


Respectfully submitted by David Nobriga.

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