Edna Pender
Created by Sven Anderton (-1958)

Sven Anderton's EDNA PENDER was a female P.I. from the pulps (imagine the ill-bred bastard child of Honey West and Mike Hammer), who appeared in severa tales in Famous Detective Stories from 1951 to1954. Given the tenor of the times, it's no surprise Edna was kown for her big breasts, tight clothes and her skill with a gun--she tends to aim for the knee or the ear, or sometimes the place "where it really feels." OUCH!

Backing her play, and presumably keeping on her good side, was her faithful sidekick Steve Ware.

Sven Anderton wrote for some other pulps, as well. In fact, for a guy I first figured was a house name at Columbia Publications old Seven Anderton really got around. He had a bunch of stories in Argosy circa late 1920s into the 1930s, and from that I learned that he left home early and hoboed around, rode with Pancho Villa, was bad into drink before a woman became his wife and he sobered up. Not mentioned was his term in prison which respectable sources tell me he was serving when he published his first story.




Thanks to Juri Nummelin for the lead, and Richard Moore for the legwork..

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