Eddie Ace

Created by Jason James (pseudonym of Joe Eisinger)

In 1947, George Raft, his glory days as a movie tough guy slipping away, starred as EDDIE ACE, a hard-boiled New York City private eye on the short-lived syndicated radio series, The Cases of Mr. Ace.

Each week Eddie would drop by the office of beautiful "lady psychoanalyst" Dr. Karen Gayle, who was writing a book on criminal behavior -- as she would remind us every episode -- and wanted to hear the experiences of a real live private detective. Every week, Eddie would oblige, doing his best to give her the lowdown on his latest case, and hit on her a few times.

Not that he was turning soft, mind you, palling around with a fancy pants shrink or anything. Ace maintained a snarky, cynical tone, as befits a hard man in a hard racket, running the one-man Ace Investigations on 6th Avenue. By most accounts Raft was at best okay as Mr Ace; perhaps a little less wooden than in some of his cinematic adventures. He later starred in the remake of Rocky Jordan, another radio private eye, which proved to be slightly more successful, running for a couple of years.

TheCases of Mr. Ace was apparently spun off from Mr. Ace, a 1946 B flick from United Artists which had starred Raft as Eddie Ace, although this Eddie was not a private eye but a shady local political fixer who's hired by an ambitious congresswoman who wants to be the first governor of her (unnamed) state.

But the character of Eddie wasn't through with his metamorphisis. Eddie Ace morphed intio Eddie Drake when the show was bought for television by CBS, but New York and Raft were left behind, replaced by studly newcomer Don Haggerty, and relocated to sunnier, funnier Los Angeles.


  • "George Raft starred in a fast-paced, hard-hitting vehicle worthy of his great movie reputation. Millions of Raft fans will love him as "Mr. Ace" in this network caliber half-hour show. Top Hollywood cast. Top script, Jason James of "Sam Spade" fame. And what music! Not an organ but a full orchestra

-- June 7, 1947, Billboard, on the taping of the first show in New York


    (1947, Paragon Radio Productions Syndicate)
    30-minute episodes
    First broadcast: June 25, 1947
    Created by Jason James
    Writers: Jason James, Robert C. Dennis
    Produced and directed by Jason James (pseudonym of Joe Eisinger)
    Starring George Raft as EDDIE ACE
    with Jeanette Nolan as Dr. Karen Gayle
    Also starring Gloria Blondell, Jeff Chandler, Leo Cleary, Ruth Conte, Theodore Von Eltz, Joseph Kearns, Mary Jane Croft, Charlie Lung, Elliott Reid, Lorraine Beaumont, Frances Heflin,
    Announcer: Carlton KaDell

  • "A Man Named Judas" (June 25, 1947)
  • "Lost Package"
  • "Key To A Boobie Trap"
  • "The Watch and The Music Box"

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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