Duncan Moore
Created by Shannon Hollis

Another romance eye from the Harlequin factory.

DUNCAN MOORE is a tough private eye (but not too tough, of course -- that's presumably him gently nuzzling the neck of the babe over there to the right, who is presumably Mallory Baines, the "heroine" of the story) in Shannon Hollis' Her Private Eye, yet another romance/P.I. hybrid from the good folks at Harlequin.

Duncan and Mallory meet "cute," of course. Moore wants to use Mallory's bedroom to spy on her neighbor, who he suspects is stealing computer parts (and possibly trade secrets) from his client, a big deal Silicon Valley computer company. That, however, isn't the story he feeds her -- he tells Mallory he's trying to nail a cheating spouse. Regardless, Mallory isn't too keen on letting a stranger -- even a hunky one) spend his days and nights in her bedroom.

Things get even more complicated when Duncan realizes he's also attracted to Mallory, and -- Oh the hilarity! -- when her Mallory's mom walks in while Duncan is in the shower.

Shannon Hollis has a master's degree in fiction, and worked for years in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley herself. She is currently a freelance editor and writer.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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