Burleigh Drummond
Created by Kent Westmoreland

The local New Orleans aristocracy calls BURLEIGH DRUMMOND whenever their lawyers can't help them. No choir boy, he, the twenty-something fixer uses his private investigator's license -- when he has one -- to throw a quasi-legal blanket of legal confidentiality over some of his more dubious actions. Drummond has no need for a gun because he solves his cases with charm, aplomb and occasionally blackmail and bribery.

Drummond has appeared in three short stories, so far. But one of them, "A Relatively Small Sum of Money," was selected by Otto Penzler as one the best fifty American mystery stories published in 1999, and another, "Part of the Plan", placed second in the Writer's Digest 1999 Writing Competition Genre Category.

Drummond's creator, Kent Westmoreland, claims he "drifted into New Orleans several years ago and immediately immersed himself in the dark underbelly of the city". He cites his observations and experiences in that milieu as the inspiration for his stories. Kent lives in uptown New Orleans with his wife, Leslie. The first Drummond novel, Baronne Street, was originally due to appear in April 2001, courtesy of the folks from the late Blue Murder Press, but finally made it in 2010.


  • "Baronne Street by Kent Westmoreland is a fast-past, action packed thriller that takes the reader deep into New Orleans. Not only does Westmoreland give the reader and intimate feel for life in New Orleans he also creates extraordinary characters, vivid and eclectic enough to entertain any reader."
    Jennifer Higgins at Rundpinne Book Reviews




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith Thanks to Kent Westmoreland, one of whose credos is "There's no promotion like self-promotion," for the heads-up.

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