Thomas Dreddiker 'Dred' Balcazar
Created by Ned White (pseudonym of Edgar J. White; 1946--)

With a name like that, no wonder his friends call him just "Dred."

DRED BALCAZAR is an uptown operative for a downtown Boston PI named Frank Cirione. Dred maintains an uneasy truce with his ex-girlfriend, Elaine, despite the stormy breakup at the end of what he calls the "90-day war." He considers himself an excellent driver, although his current transportation is limited to an aging, rusting mustard colored Subaru. Dred maintains a vague distrust of men with unknown motives. He has a decent singing voice, an antique Martin 017 small-body guitar that he composes music on, and an old upright Jurgens piano that he keeps in tune. His workout regimen consists of sit-ups and push-ups designed to negate the effects of aging and liberal alcohol use and to maintain his "good legs, good health and solid glutei maximi." He is faithful to a fault, and very introspective, as in this passage from the The Very Bad Thing:

He felt ever more at ease with her, knowing she drank, as he felt instinctively friendlier toward men who drank. Drinkers like him, two or three cocktails a day, chronic, rarely excessive, were becoming an endangered species. Perhaps he was alcoholic. His last doctor didn't think so, declaring his liver to be normal size and suggesting alcohol is fine if you eat right, just take it easy. Perhaps he wasn't alcoholic. In fact he had taken it easy, just about every single day for the last six or seven years.

The Very Bad Thing is Ned White's first (and apparently only) book in the Dred Balcazar series, and the author's first novel.



Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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