Pete Draco
Created by Richard Foster (pseudo. of Kendall Foster Crossen; other pseudonyms include Bennett Barlay, M. E. Chaber, Christopher Monig & Clay Richards, 1910-1981)

Two-fisted Miami private eye PETE DRACO does all those two-fisted private eye things a two-fisted private eye should. In just two action-packed Gold Medal PBOs, he manages to run into a more viscious thugs, naked babes, crooked cops, treacherous dames, savage beatings, double crosses and plot convolutions than you can shake a blackjack at.

Richard Foster was actually Kendall Foster Crossen who, in the course of his long and prolific career, wrote over 400 raio and television dramas, some 300 short stories, 250 non-fiction articles and around forty-five novels. He wrote reviews, and edited several science fiction collections, and served as editor for a while for Detective Fiction Weekly. He's perhaps best known as M.E. Chaber, the creator of Milo March, but he also created such private eyes as Brian Brett and outer space gumshoe Manning Draco.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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