Brighton Doyle
Created by Angela Hynes

From the back cover:

"BRIGHTON DOYLE has a Los Angeles-based PI business that she's inherited; an office on funky Venice boardwalk; a glamorous movie star sister; and a hole in her life where her late fiancé used to be. Her missing persons business is starting to feel stale now that she can do much of her skip-tracing on the computer. Then her life is shaken up when she hauls in a couple of would-be desperadoes on the lam in the Arizona desert. Assuming her involvement with the inept siblings is over, she's incredulous when their lawyer asks her to find their own kidnap victim who has vanished. All evidence to the contrary, the brothers swear they left Virginia Burgess alive. So where is she?

Brighton's search for the missing woman takes her from behind the false front of Hollywood to the mountain resorts of Southern California, where matters go downhill fast. By the time she knows the truth, she's encountered corruption, personal betrayal and murder. To make matters worse, every step of her investigation is dogged by tabloid news reporter, Rick McVee: a complication in more ways than one."

Hmmm... at first glimpse, it sounds like just another cutely-named female eye running on a treadmill full of the sort of Oprah-type problems (Sibling rivalry! Mid-life crisis! Heartbreak!). But author Angela Hynes has a pretty good track record, having written for articles magazines and newspapers, non-fictionbooks and screenplays, and she has an interesting background as well, having lived in both England and Africa. Plus, John Shannon, one of my favourite authors, has said good things about this book.

I'll let you know what I think once I get around to this one. Assuming my TBR pile doesn't collapse and kill me first....



Submitted for our consideration by Nathalie Bumpeau.

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