John "Mac" McClure
Created by Christine Colfer

Long-faced Ron Perlman plays JOHN "MAC" McCLURE, the usual alcoholic ex-cop/private eye "bordering on pathetic" in the 1993 straight-to-cable B Double Exposure.

McClure, who'd really rather sit at his crummy desk, drinking and feeling sorry for himself, is hired by Roger, an obsessive, possessive yuppie control freak who's convinced Maria, his wimpy wife, is having an affair. McClure agrees to take the case, and soon discovers that the wife has some balls after all -- she IS having an affair. Hubby freaks and offers Mac $25,000 if he'll ace the boyfriend.

Mac refuses, but claims he "knows a guy," and then all hell breaks lose. It turns out the husband has been diddling the books, and his female assistant, Linda, who's his wife's best friend and frequent alibi, has the goods on him. But she has a few secrets and schemes of her own...

At times this flick, with its constantly shifting allegiances and betrayals, not to mention its cast of drunks, fools and scuzzy schemers, recalls the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple, but it's nowhere near that good. The dialogue is often completely laughable -- perhaps the reason this is sometimes listed as a comedy -- and the quickie nude scenes are pretty lame and pointless. Still, it does have its moments. The flashbacks are handled well, the music is less cheesy than expected, and although the cops make only a brief appearance, the female forensics expert is a keeper. She figures out the whole thing from some dog crap and some human vomit at the murder scene.

This one shows up with alarming frequency late at night, and it's not a bad way for insomniacs to kill a few hours, at least until the meds kick in.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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