Straight from the Author's Mouth

Leonard Dolman
Created by Steve Kaye

Some of you may have read the LEONARD DOLMAN we printed back in 2001, and thought about how dated he seemed, ignoring current technology and defiantly doing things "the old way." Well, there's a good reason for that. The story was written back in 1990, and was originally printed in P.I. Magazine.

In fact, author Steve Kaye assures us, "even if this story were to take place today, rather than in 1990, Leonard Dolman would not be using the computer much, and e-mail hardly at all. Of course he would have to do some computer work, especially in a large agency. But so many of these guys are old timers - even today, there's an old world way about this type of detective.

And Leonard Dolman is no kid. In the next story I wrote, "Man in the Grave," we are given some background to him and it squarely establishes his age. The story centers around Dolman's investigation into the death of a colleague involved in an insurance case. For a couple of years I worked at a workers' compensation insurance company and spent some time talking to the investigators, all of whom were former police officers. There is a part in the story which hints at the time frame of the story, when it's mentioned that Ms. Wallingford has a computer with a glowing green screen.

Steve Kaye has been telling stories in one form or another for close to 40 years. He just hasn't sold very many of them. Among his few professional credits, he was - very briefly - series writer for the comic book Sable and had a short short published in Hitchcock magazine. He is an eclectic reader, enjoying not only mysteries but also westerns, adventure pulps (modern and classic), and science fiction. Favorites among authors are John LeCarre, Rex Stout, H.A. DeRosso, Connie Willis, and Kay Hooper. He also operates the sporadically updated Shadows f the Pulps web site which presents classic Shadow stories in PDF format with the original pulp graphics and covers, and writes westerns as Clay Burnham.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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