Hank Dingo
Created by David Capper

This is comedy?

HANK DINGO is the lead character in Comedy Central's second original made-for-television film, Knee High P.I., which promises "49 inches of hot private dick action!"


Hank claims to be the world's smallest private detective, and for $99.95 a day (plus expenses) you can hire him. But you better be forewarned -- although he'll go to all sorts of extremes to crack a case (hiding in a watermelon, posing as a lawn jockey, travelling to Iran and immersing himself in hummus, beating the hell out of suspects or sleeping with big-breasted women -- he's a cocky, ill-tempered S.O.B. with an extremely short fuse.

Hank's aided in his investigations by his dear sweet mother, Margery, who's also his secretary. She worries about Hank, just like a good mom should (when she's not banging a wide assortment of men, most of them in UPS or Postal Service uniforms, that is.) Also helping out are Bentley, Hank's young, black cousin who's something of a computer whiz.

I dunno. Tasteless, corny, obvious jokes, overacting, little evidence of true or original wit. Some folks might find this funny, in a Dumb and Dumber kinda way but, except for Hank's size, this doesn't come off much better than a budget-sized Jim Carrey/Farrelly Brothers flick. I'm sure plenty of people will be getting their panties in a twist, about the political incorrectness of it all, something Comedy Central's probably counting on.

The burning question, though, will be: Is it as good as Inch High, Private Eye, the 1973-74 Saturday morning cartoon that ran on ABC?


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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