Dick Hammer
Created by Chris Wisnia

Hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, crotch-scratching DICK HAMMER is a private skulk working the web comic mean streets of Crude Bay, Southern California.

Yeah, Crude Bay.

But just because artist/writer/creator Chris Wisnia apparently has his tongue wedged firmly in his cheek most of the time doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's doing.

In fact, he betrays a great feel and obvious affection for the genre; a sort of gritty, 1970s-era down-and-dirty urban vibe (complete with suspicious men in Ford Torinos). Sure, Dick is defiantly (and perhaps, predictably) politically incorrect; and sometimes the gags may seem decidedly adolescent, but trust me: this is the real deal.

There's a spareness to the cityscapes, and the occasionally rough, sketchy feel of the art suggests nothing so much as yesterday's litter blowing down the sidewalk, adding to the brooding, world-weary sense of cynicism and regret at play here. In the first sprawling story arc (done in daily strip format, albeit posted only weekly) Dick goes to the aid of a good (ie: wealthy") client who's just had the crap beat out of him by his mistress. But the client wants her back -- preferably without his wife finding out. Toss in (like the blurbs say) "Hard-boiled Suspense! Crime and Murder! Amnesia!" and season with "Mystery! Unlikely Coincidence! Lurid Romance! Brutal Action!" and you've got all the pulpy goodness that private eye dreams are made of.





Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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