Brian Devlin and Nick Corsello
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Slick, sophisticated, independently wealthy man-about-town BRIAN DEVLIN (played by Rock Hudson) is retired after a long and successful career as a high-class private eye. He takes on a prestigious position as Director of the Los Angeles Cultural Arts Center, which gives actor Rock Hudson the excuse to strut around in tuxes at swanky cocktail parties and the like, in The Devlin Connection, a short-lived TV series from the early eighties.

The "connection" of the title is provided when NICK CORSELLO (played by Jack Scalia) , Brian's long-lost twenty-eight year old son, turns up. And wouldn't you know it? Nick is a private eye, too! Thing is, Nick's not some suave, debonair sleuth, he's a rough and tumble P.I. scraping by, holding down a part-time job as a racquetball pro at a health club, although determined to make it as a P.I.

Of course, dear old dad gets involved in more than his share of Nick's cases, sometimes without Nick's knowledge, even as he's less than approving of some of his son's rather less-than-refined lifestyle or clientele.

Assume there was a little verbal sparring between father and son. Add Lauren, a gorgeous assistant for Brian at the arts center, Mrs. Watanabe, a wacky but lovable (and efficient) housekeeper, and Lieutenant Borden, long-suffering police contact, and you can see why more than a few critics dismissed this as "McMillan and Son."


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Alberta Bond for the connection.

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