Derien McCall
Created by Larry Brand

This sexy, softcore thriller (it's a "Tempting Production") stars Rebecca DeMornay as DERIEN McCALL, a troubled former vice cop plagued by nightmares, now working as a private detective hired by a woman to tail her wealthy husband (Keifer Sutherland, in an uncharacteristically -- for him -- low-key role), whom she suspects of cheating.

But after a few uneventful days of surveillance, the client decides to raise the stakes a little: she suggests that Derien try flirting with her husband. But Derien finds herself falling for him. And then she's no longer just flirting.

And that's when things start to get really wonky (and occasionally, a little steamy, though certainly nothing to upset anyone, really). The plot has some pretty tricky twists and turns, as Derien soon finds herself caught up in a murder frame-up. Unfortunately anyone familiar with even rudimentary familiarity with forensics may have a few problems with the frame -- you'll be left shaking your head long after the minor pleasures of this cheesefest are over.

Still, it's a worthwhile, B-grade diversion. DeMornay is solid, as usual, as the tough cookie with the bruised heart, and she really looks the part. She's middle-aged and lonely, a professional who gets the job done, and then goes home each night to a beer or two, some TV and her pet pig. And Dana Delany is pretty good as the brittle, devious, scheming wife. Maybe next go-round, they should consider cutting a few half-ass sex scenes, and devoting a little more time and energy to the script.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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