Bill Dekker

Created by Timothy Harris  and Herschel Weingrod 

A love story about womens' rights... and lefts.

-- a tagline that says it all

Cheaper To Keep Her was a smirky 1980 romantic comedy TV flick with good ol' boy singer/songwriter Mac Davis as skirt-chasing private eye BILL DEKKER, who's hired by a feminist lawyer named K.D. Locke (Tovah Feldshuh) to find out why two deadbeats (played by Ian McShane and Jack Gilford) haven't been keeping up with their alimony payments to her clients.

Adding to the hilarity, Dekker himself has just packed up and left his own wife, who seems more than happy with her new guard dog and the community property settlement that put a lien on his detective agency.

Starting to get the drift?

Leonard Maltin tags this one as a BOMB, and deems it "Sexist, racist, and obnoxious." He forgot to mention homphobic and outdated the moment it was released, but you get the idea.

Too bad. Writer Harris had given us the very good, Chandleresque P.I. Thomas Kyd just a few years earlier. And Mac Davis, despite his sometimes smarmy bumpkin charm, has given far more memorable performances, both in the football flick North Dallas Forty and the 1991 made-for-TV thriller Blackmail, where he also played a private eye.


  • CHEAPER TO KEEP HER...Buy this video
    (1980, American Cinema)
    Teleplay by Timothy Harris  and Herschel Weingrod 
    Directed by Ken Annakin 
    Starring Mac Davis as BILL DEKKER
    Also starring Tovah Feldshuh, Bruce Flanders , Steven M. Gagnon, Jack Gilford, Patrick Gorman, Chuck Hicks, Gwen Humble, Priscilla Lopez, Rose Marie, Rod McCary, Ian McShane, Art Metrano, Pat O'Malley, Joe Regalbuto, Wallace Shawn, Jane Strudwick, Fred Stuthman, Shannon Wilcox

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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