John Dark
Created by John Dark

JOHN DARK's edgy debut (written and self-published by John Dark) Blood and Rain, is subtitled "A Supernatural Dark Thriller." My guess is that the operative word here is "dark."

But just in case there's any doubt, here's what the very modest blurb says:

"A great book...dark, grim and violent--brutal savage action. Filled with sleazy sex and tense explosive fight scenes! A hardboiled urban occult nightmare!"


East St. Louis' John Dark is an ex-boxer and ex-drug dealer and now, by most accounts, a not very good detective. He's full of nasty habits, he lets his little head do too much of the thinking, and he's all torn up with guilt over the death of his girlfriend. In other words, his life's going nowhere, and he doesn't give a damn. Wanna know how pathetic his life is? His best friend is his bartender. Whose name is also John. He apparently can't even find a friend with a different name.

Worse, his problems aren't confined to this world. In Blood and Rain, Dark also has to tangle with voodoo, zombies and a bizarre underground cult..

John Dark (the writer) is actually Bob L. Morgan Jr., a long-time fan of Spillane's Mike Hammer and Joe R. Landale's East Texas Series with Hap Collins & Leonard Pine. He's currently working on the second John Dark book "Blood For The Masses," right now. "After that," he says, "who knows?"

"For me, it's all about entertaining the reader. Anything I've got to do to do that, will be done. If the John Dark books never do get widely known that's O.K. because I'm having fun running him through a whole lot of crazy situations and learning more about structuring novels along the way. There's more to it, than you ever dream there is when you first start out."

"The original plan with the series is one that I'm sticking with. Blend horror and noir with a self torturing main character and throw all the rules out the window. John Dark can end up in the middle of an ordinary murder mystery that could take place in the real world, or in a face off with a Voodoo Bokor who can manipulate time with an army of Zombies behind him. With this series, the rules have been erased."




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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