Dick Daring
Created by Mark Shekter

Here ya go, just what the world needs now... Teen detectives from the Great White North.

In this live-action, Saturday morning Canadian kid's TV show, hot shot teen basketball star DICK DARING learns that his father, a successful private investigator, has died in a mysterious car crash. And then, in a turn right out of Hamlet, the would be young prince gets a message from beyond the pale (well, okay, over the internet) from his dad, asking him to take over his detective agency.

It seems that his father needs his help to discover who's after him, since it seems that not only was the fatal accident not so fatal, but it also wasn't an accident at all. What's a good son to do, then, but enlist the aid off his girlfriend, Tracy.

Soon the two tyros are running the agency, with Dad's secret help, all the while trying to work the bigger case of who wants dear old dad stone cold dead.

Okay, I haven't seen this one, yet, but the CBC generally does decent kid's programming, as evidenced by the lucrative market for its shows around the world, so this one may be showing up soon on a television near you. I mean, really, take a look at those two over there. Can a Teen Beat spread be far behind?

Or at least a toothpaste company endorsement deal?


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