Jesse Crowder
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Beginning with the painfully low-budget Death Journey in 1975, former pro football hotshot turned action film star Fred Williamson starred in four films as high-living tough guy P.I. JESSE CROWDER, a man who's no stranger to guns or the martial arts. He also seems to be game for just about anything. And in the world of cheesy action B-flicks in which he moves, that could be just about anything.

In Death Journey, he's hired by the NYC D.A. to escort an overweight accountant who's a key witness in a case against a mobster cross country. In No Way Back (1976) he kicks some white butt. In Blind Rage (1978) he takes on five blind kung fu masters eager to get their hands on the 15 million bucks he's just delivered to the Phillipines for the U.S. government. In The Last Fight (1982) Jesse gets involved with with a singer-turned-boxer (Ruben Blades) who risks his life and his girlfriend for a shot at the championship. Needless to say, there's plenty of fightin', shootin' and more fightin' in all these films.

After the last Crowder film, Williamson tried , but failed, to establish another series character, Los Angeles courier and sometime private eye Thomas Fox, in 1985's Foxtrap.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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