Crispin Darke
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"I mean no offense, but your case just isn't... thrilling enough.
I am Crispin Darke, Thrilling Detective."

-- Crispin turns down a client

As corporate spokesmen go, private eye CRISPIN DARKE may not be Tony the Tiger or the Geiko Gecko, but he ain't so bad.

Created by the PR folks at Pacific Information Resources whose has been offering online access to public record databases around the world since 1996, Crispin was conjured up to build up traffic to their site and to teach people how to find information on the Internet in a unique and entertaining way -- by establishing a fictional detective and serializing his investigations in a blog.

That blog, The Almost True Adventures of Crispin Darke, Thrilling Detective, follows Crispin as he works various cases for various clients. with tongue planted rather firmly in his cheek.

So, yeah, it may just be a come-on, but it's a good one. What really hooked me was that off-kilter sense of humor, and the dryly pompous Darke himself, who works out of the Ferry Building in San Francisco and who constantly refers to himself as "Crispin Darke, Thrilling Detective."

Co-creator Tim Koster confessed to me that at one point that they had considered alternatives, such as "blood-tingling," "electrifying," "rip-roaring," "stirring," and "gripping," but they just didn't work. "The Gripping Detective?" Koster confided, "Sounds like someone you'd want to stay away from on a crowded bus."

Also along for the ride are such characters as Kyle, Crispin's assistant with the short-term memory loss problems and the obsessive-compulsive ghost on the 13th floor of the Hobart building.

Me? The way I figure it, the world could just use more thrilling detectives.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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