Danny Cray
Created by John Case (pseudonym of Carolyn Hougan & Jim Hougan)

In his only appearance to date (The Eighth Day, 2002) impulsive twenty-something part-time legal investigator and full-time starving artist DANNY CRAY is hired to figure out who's attempting to smear the reputation of Zerevan Zebek, a reclusive Italian tycoon. Being -- as usual --a little short on funds, Danny jumps at the chance.

But all is not as it seems in this fast-paced, wide-ranging, globe-trotting and at times far-fetched thriller. Danny soon discovers that a whole lot of people who have connections with his client seem to turn up dead, either through suicide or murder, and that it somehow involves nanotechnology, the Vatican and a mysterious religious sect. The action moves from Washington to Geneva to the Middle East to Norway to the Silicon Valley to Italy to Turkey, and seemingly everywhere in between.

Fortunately, Danny, clearly in over his head, soon discovers he has hidden resources of his own, not the least of which seems to be an amazing bit of plain dumb luck.

John Case (actually the pen name of a husband-and-wife team) is the author of such previous bestselling "scientific" thrillers as The Syndrome, The First Horseman and The Genesis Code. Under the pseudonym of Malcolm Bell, Carolyn Hougan has also written the spy thriller The Last Goodbye.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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