Straight From the Author's Mouth

Cotton Mathers
Created by Jude Peters (pseud. of Peter Higgins)

"I've read your site's working definition of "private eye"several times, and I'm still not sure if my charater qualifies," wrote Jude Peters, referring to his self-published novel. "Although COTTON MATHERS is not a professional private eye,with a seedy office, a long-stemmed "dame" of a receptionist, and a bottle of vile rotgut stashed in his bottom desk drawer, he has long fantasized about being Sam Spade when he grows up. Moreover, he is somebody deeply interested in "helping others out," another of the site's criteria for defining 'detective'."

The idea of a bored Memphis college professor (named after the infamous Puritan preacher and witch hunter, no less) dreaming of being a hard-boiled P.I., and then getting in "entangled in a seamy web of corruption, illicit sex, and blackmail after a well-known Elvis impersonator he interviews for a scholarly article is murdered" sure sounds good to me.

Jude Peters is a 1991 graduate of what was then Memphis State University. Guilty Employers is his first novel.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Jude Peters for the tip.

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