Peter Cory
Created by Stuart Brock, pseudonym of Louis Trimble, (1917-1988)

PETER CORY's a tough seattle private dick with a sensitive side to him, most of which is directed towards his virginal, yet money-hungry girlfriend Terry James. Can you smell trouble brewing?

Peter's a top op for Boldman Investigations, run by rough, tough 300-pound Boldman himself, who also has an eye eye for the buck. In fact, everyone in Peter's world seems to be on the lookout for a quick score, Pete included. He confesses he "lost his consciernce a long time ago" and that he's not above a little "malarkey peddling" or anything else to get the job done.

In Pete's one appearance to date, 1948's Just Around the Coroner (one of the great P.I. titles, if you ask me), he's sent in to clear up a rash of jewel thefts in the swank Towne hotel where Terry works, and soon runs into murder, mayhem and a couple of old enemies he's rather have never seen again.

Stuart Brock (a pen name of the prolific pulp fiction writer Louis Trimble) wrote another stand-alone, about another tough-but-tender Seattle shamus, Bert Norden. He also wrote several other crime novels, including one about Mexico city P.I. Tom Blane and two under his real name about the intriguingly-titled Anthropol Detective Agency, whose turf seems to be outer space.


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