Christopher Sly
Created by Eric Thomas, Christopher Sly (both possible pseudonyms of Charles E. Fritch)

CHRISTOPHER SLY is a New York eye who's hired by a stripper to recover some photos she’d posed for, in Strip for Murder, a 1960 sleazeback put out by Kozy Books.

According to James M. Reasoner, who has actually read the damn thing, the book is “a very loose rewrite" of Negative of a Nude, featuring private eye Mark Wonder and written by Charles E. Fritch. Fritch, it turns out, is author Thomas' real name.

And then it gets better...

There's another book featuring Sly, 7 Deadly Sinners, and it's written by... Christopher Sly himself. It was published by Athena Books in 1961, and has Sly acting as a bodyguard to seven beautiful movie starlets. A year later it was reprinted by Carousel Books, another porn house, as Fury in Black Lace, and this time it was credited to Charles Brockden.

And better...

Carousel Books were published by Frimac Publications which were owned by Charles Fritch and Jack Matcha.


So am I.

As Steve Lewis of The Mystery*File.says "Until perhaps Mr. Fritch confirms that he wrote(all these) books, we’ll reserve the possibility that some plagiarizing may have been going on, as was common in the sleaze-based paperbacks of that era."

rivate Investigator (to get involved with crimes, rather than to make money, it seems)


Preliminary evidence compiled by Kevin Burton Smith, James M. Reasoner, Ken Johnson and Steve Lewis.

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