Charlie Fox
Created by Zoë Sharp

CHARLIE FOX isn't your average female eye. In fact, she's not an eye at all. What she is is almost a female version of Lee Childs' Jack Reacher. Like Reacher, she's ex-military (she was kicked out of the army for reasons she'd rather not go into), she gets around (including Germany and the States, so far) and like Reacher she doesn't seem to have to go looking very hard for trouble -- it seems to find her easily enough.

She's alo -- like reacher -- more than capable of taking care of herself. When we first meet her, in Killer Instinct (2001), she's just scraping by, teaching self-defence to women. But when a woman she has an argument with at a club is found dead shortly after, Charlie is drawn into the investigation. In Riot Act, a housesitting job plunks Charlie right in the middler of a potential race riot. Hard Knocks finds her taking a bodyguard course and working undercover at a military school in Germany to uncover a murderer, and the latest, First Drop, finds Charlie embarking on a new career as a bodyguard, babysitting a precocious fifteen-year old in Florida.

Zoë Sharp checked herself out of a private school at the age of twelve, opting for home correspondence courses, before writing her first novel (so far still unpublished) at the ripe old age of fifteen. There followed a string of jobs in her teenage years, from yacht delivery to pensions and mortgage advisor, before deciding to become a freelance photo-journalist (based on having sold one article). She lives in Cumbria, and is married, and says she would rather have a motorbike than children. She is a member of the Crime Writers' Association.



  • "A Bridge Too Far" (2002, Green for Danger: Crimes in the Country)
  • "Postcards from Another Country"
  • "Served Cold"
  • "Off Duty" (July 2010, EQMM)
  • Truth and Lies"



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Special thanks to Martin Ross for helping me fill in the blanks.

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