Tom "Hawkman" Casey
Created by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Private eye TOM CASEY is known as "HAWKMAN" in the small town of Medford, Oregon, because of he once rescued an injured hawk and nursed it back to health. Tom's a good-looking kinda guy, and the eye patch he sports gives him a rather roguish look.

But he's not really Tom Casey. Once upon a time, he was Jim Anderson, a CIA operative. He got out of the spy biz when a car bomb meant for him killed his wife and cost him his eye. Looking for piece and quiet, he changed his name, let his hair and his beard grow, started wearing cowboy hats and bought a cabin on Copco Lake, just outside of Medford.

It seems to have worked out well for Tom. He's quite content living in the country with his new wife Jennifer and his bird, Pretty Girl, taking care of hurt animals and working as a P.I. with an office over a doughnut shop in town.

Hmmm... I wonder if he ever swaps bird tips with Andy Straka's Frank Pavlicek?

Betty Sullivan La Pierre probably hasn't heard of you either, but she's evidently quite popular, judging by the slew of rave (but strangely similar-sounding) reviews on Several of the Tom Casey books were also released as e-books. Or at least what passed for e-books back in 2003. Betty was definitely ahead of the curve...


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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