Dane Carter, Celia Carter and Alec Sharpe
Created by Lori Foster

More hot times at the old romance/detective hybrid factory, as romance writer Lori Foster dishes up the goodies, sensuous and steamy-hot, just the way her fans like 'em.

In fact, she's been writing stories featuring various members of DANE CARTER's private detective agency for a while, now, and two of the older novellas, along with a new one, are collected in Fallen Angels (2004), whose tagline reads: "These women are no angels . . . and neither are the men they love."

The first one, Beguiled (1999), features "sexy, rugged" private eye Dane posing as his murdered twin brother Derek to nail the woman he suspects is the killer. Except he may be falling for her.

In Wanton (also 1999 -- Foster is frighteningly prolific), it's a family affair, as reckless gumshoe CELIA CARTER (Dane's sister, who left the family business to join Dane's agency) throws herself into dangerous undercover assignments as a way of coping with her guilt over a case that once went tragically wrong. But fellow eye ALEC SHARPE, Dane's best detective, is determined to save Celia from herself. Oh, and "reawaken" her sexuality.

The third story in the anthology is an original entitled Uncovered, which has studly firefighter Harris Black stumbling across nudie pics of a woman, and handwritten notes . . . about him. confused, Harris decides to hires Dane's agency to trace her.

New York Times bestselling author Foster, author of the lucrative "Bad Boys" series of steamies, also seems to have a thing for P.I.s, identical twins and impersonations. She is also the author of The Secret Life of Bryan, which relates the story of bounty hunter Bryan Kelly impersonating his twin borther, a preacher, to save a hooker from herself.





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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