Roy Carson
Created by Denis McLoughlin

ROY CARSON another of those square-jawed hardboiled quasi-private eyes from the continuity-challenged comics of the thirties, forties and fifties whose occupation seems to wander all over the place, depending on the vagaries and requirements of the the plot. In some adventures, he's a cop, a private eye, an amateur sleuth, an innocent bystander or even just a guy. In fact, he bears more than a slight resemblance to Detective Comics' Speed Saunders, another slick, well-dressed type, complete with trenchcoat and fedora, who seems to wander around crime scenes, poking his nose in, without the cops ever really questioning his involvement.

Roy's chief distinctions seem to be his intriguingly-named girlfriend/wife, Silk, and the fact that he's British, working the dark underbelly of post-war Britain. In fact, his stories are considerably darker in tone than many of the American comics that inspired Roy's co-creator, Denis McLoughlin, the Britsh illustration ace.

In the U.K., McLoughlin is best-known for his comic book work, not just the Roy Carson stories, but the many, many historical comic stories he illustrated. But recently, he's been getting some way-overdue attention for his powerful, pulp-inspired cover art that enlighted many a hard-boiled detective paperback. For more info on this part of his career, head on over here.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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