Carroll Quint
Created by Jerry Kennealy

CARROLL QUINT is not a private eye, but he is definitely a tough guy -- even if you wouldn't know it at first glance. Quint is the entertainment critic for the San Francisco Bulletin, a job that comes with fringe benefits like movie screenings, play premieres, opera openings, and close personal contact with the city's glitterati. He is in his mid-thirties, wears glasses, and drives a MINI Cooper-being one of very few fictional characters to actually acknowledge the transportation problems in San Francisco (inconvenient and unreliable public transportation, a dearth of available parking, etc.) and drive a sensible city car. Everything he knows about being a detective he learned at the movies and has even written a book on film noir heroes called Tough Guys and Private Eyes.

He is forced into the role of unwilling detective in his first outing, Jigsaw, when a serial killer calling himself Thanatos -- the Greek god of death-starts sending him e-mail messages containing clues about his victims. The clues are all taken from Alfred Hitchcock films and the victims are all acquaintances of Quint -- a fact that makes him the prime suspect as far as the police are concerned. With the help of his girlfriend, Terry Greco (she is the Bulletin's book and restaurant reviewer, “the proverbial ten pounds of candy in an eight-pound bag … short and tightly packed”), and his mother (a former actress who was an extra in Live and Let Die) Quint has to decipher the clues and catch the killer, before he becomes a victim himself.

See? I told you he didn't seem like much of a tough guy. But, in addition to possessing encyclopedic movie knowledge, he can definitely handle himself in a fight.

Jerry Kennealy, once a real-life private eye himself, is also the author of the Nick Polo series and several stand-alone thrillers published as paperback originals.



Respectfully submitted by Randal Brandt.

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