Cam McCardle
Created by Tucker Halleran

Ex-NFL. Vietnam vet. Bitter ex-wife. CAM McCARDLE lives on the waterfront in southern Florida, nursing his football injuries, cursing the humidity and his former spouse. The cover of this 1984 paperback original plays up the football angle and there are a lot of comparisons to a certain Travis McGee (and even a little deriviative cover artwork, in fact), but this "kick off novel in a terrific new series" seems to be Cam's one and only appearance.

At least, that's what I thought for years. Now I've been informed by reader Paul Minor that there was a second book, called Sudden Death Finish, that also featured Cam McCardle. "That's apparently," Paul writes, "the last one in what was shaping up to be a decent series. I don't know, and have never heard, why the author stopped writing."

It turns out the reason the series ended so abruptly is that Tucker Halleran died suddenly in February of 1986 of pancreatic cancer. He was working on the next two books in the series at the time.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. My thanks, and belated condolences go out to Judy Halleran, who contacted me in July 2002 to fill me in on her husband's untimely demise.

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