Straight from the author's mouth

Created by Jonathan Lyons

Burn, which bills itself as "A Science Fiction Noir," finds CAGE, a down-on-his-luck, suitably scruffy private dick going up against the Expedite, the most powerful computer corporation in the world. This is all played out against a surreal twenty-first century full of androids, binaries, chip trippers, New School Grrls and Morlocks, black acid rain, StellarNet obsession and good ol' spontaneous human combustion. And, of course, what retro-P.I. tale would be complete without a femme fatale? Beautiful Janice Gild fills that spot here, when she hires Cage to look into the strange death of her brother. It's a death so bizarre the Cage can only begin to guess at the method of the gruesome killing, and the twisted motive behind it.

And soon enough, Cage's path is littered with the burnt remains of a seemingly unconnected group of people. Only James' ex-girlfriend, the inhumanly lovely Jonny Cache, can shed any light on the victims who have been made to burn.

Burn has received quite a bit of favourable press, and has been nominee for the Frankfurt E-book Awards. It's the first novel of Jonathan Lyons, who currently lives in Austin, Texas. his background is in web and multimedia design (which explains the funky web site for Burn). He hails from Iowa, where he received his bachelor's in English at the University of Iowa. He practices the Brazilian martial art capoeira, which, coincidentally, is mentioned as the fighting style of choice for the NewSchook Grrls.




Respectfully submitted by Jonathan Lyons.

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