Brodie Farrell
Created by Jo Bannister

"You can waste a lot of time looking . . . or you can pay me to find it for you."
-- the slogan of "Looking for Something

Single mom BRODIE FARRELL has a precocious young daughter (Paddy) andfthey both have the "cute" first names that the female detective sub-genre seemingly demands, as well as a growing local rep for finding things. In fact, she's set out her shingle for her small "search" business "Looking for Something?" in the small, quaint seaside town of Dimmock, England, where she's usually hired to hunt down valuable old books and various antiques. But there's nothing cute or quaint about some of the harrowing violence and pain that Brodie often faces in the course of -- and the result of -- her investigations, especially as the series progresses and Brodie functions more and more as a regular private eye.

Jo Bannister is a much-respected journalist and newspaper editor in Northern Ireland, and the author of a mountain of books, including at least three other popular mystery series, including one featuring an English doctor and and her cop husband, one with a male/female team of British cops and one featuring an American photojournalist.


  • "... even though a fair suspension of disbelief is required as the story zigs and zags its way to several levels of denouement, there's no question that quitting before the end is next to impossible. (Echoes of Lies is)... simply one of those books that keeps upending your expectations and making you demand to know how it's all going to come out in the end."
    -- Otto Penzler


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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