Noah Braddock
Created by Jeff Shelby

Talk about yer Californification! San Diego gumshoe NOAH BRADDOCK has carved a real niche for himself -- as far as I can tell, he's the first "surfer P.I."

Fortunately, he rises above the mellower-than-thou New Agey image that that phrase first conjures up. There's a nice, noirish vibe to the proceedings -- particularly in the third book in the series, Liquid Smoke (2011), which reunites Noah with his long lost father.

It's a rough, tough slab of hard-boiled detective fiction, and Noah's just the guy to pull it off. and having Carter, a six-foot-nine pal, around to help out doesn't hurt.

But still, all in all, Noah would rather be surfing.

Hang ten, dude.


  • "Braddock is emotionally and physically fallible but ultimately resolute -- another reason to get behind him"
    -- Craig Davidson,
    The Washington Post


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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