Bomber and Tod Hanson
Created by David Champion

Hot-shot attorney BOMBER HANSON and his son Tod make their home in the seaside town of Angelton, California, a town about 90 miles north of Los Angeles. Together they serve up a tasty variation on the old Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin combo, in this witty and often-provocative series. It seems Bomber loves impossible cases almost as much as he loves publicity, and he enjoys nothing so much as a good nasty, high-profile legal battle. In the course of the series, he takes on the tobacco industry, defends a celebrity accused of child molestation, and dives into the murky waters of AIDS research.

Backing up the blustery, less-than-subtle Bomber is soft-spoken, and rather sensitive soul Tod, who handles the investigative chores, as well as acting as the self-effacing narrator of the tales. He's a lawyer himself, although he's more than content to mostly do the legwork, and leave the courtroom histrionics up to his father, whom he refers, somewhat sneeringly, it seems to me, to as "the great man himself." In fact, his father intimidates him so much he often stutters in his presence. Still, for Tod it's a good life. He gets to practice his music, and he admits he really loves everything about Angelton and his job, "except (his) boss. But then, no job is perfect." Suffce it to say father an son have a few issues still to work out...

Although not a lawyer himself, author David Champion certainly has a few family connections he can call on, to make sure he gets legal matters right. His father was a district attorney (he remebers going to court as a kid to watch him in ction), and his brother is a judge, and his sister, an attorney.

SMALL PRESS ALERT! The Hanson seris, like the Gil Yates books by Alistair Boyle, is published by Allen A. Knoll.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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