Pass the Cheese Platter...

Joe Blade
Created by Gordon Cotler

''Get your hands up and your pants off.''
-- an American dress designer gets the drop on Joe.

''I know the world is an illusion, Daddy, but it's one we must deal with.''
-- Joe tries to deal with his occasionally otherworldly father.

Blade in Hong Kong was a failed 1985 TV pilot about JOE BLADE, the adopted son of Chang Ching-Tzu, an elderly Chinese businessman (Keye Luke, once upon a time Charlie Chan's number one son). Ching-Tzu had high hopes for Joe, but Joe, after a stint as an American UCLA graduate and as a detective working for Scotland Yard, decides his true calling is to return home and become a private detective.

The blonde, blue-eyed Blade (played by The Young and the Restless's Terry Lester) pursues his duties, most of which seem to consist of protecting his adoptive father from assassination attempts, with two-fisted vigor, and the production scores a few extra points for some pretty good location shooting in Hong Kong, easily one of the Far East's most picturesque cities, but it wasn't enough to convince CBS.

Still, in retrospect, it's an interesting and enjoyably goofy little mess, if just to watch Leslie Nielsen and Nancy Kwan as a shifty entrepreneur and his wife go through their paces, and Key Luke's always fun. And where else will you see Anthony Newley, of all people, playing a pimp running a white slavery ring?



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith and film editor Chris Baldemor.

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