Oz Blackstone

Primavera Blackstone (née Phillips)

Created by Quintin Jardine (pseud. of Matthew Reid)

Quintin Jardine's OSBERT "OZ" BLACKSTONE is one "private inquiry agent" who's not afraid of the ties that bind. Besides being (seemingly) happily married and living in Glasgow with his childhood sweetie (and sometime partner) PRIMAVERA PHILLIPS, he's also very tight with his folks.

Not that it stops him from getting wrapped up in some pretty interesting cases, including a cross-continent murder case involving a touring band of professionals wrestler from the States (he moonlights occasionally as MC for a professional wrestling league), the kidnapping of a major Hollywood star, dead squatters on the rugged Costa Brava and the authenticity of a previously undiscovered Dali masterpiece.

It's an eventful life. He wins lotteries, he divorces Primavera, the sun shines, the darkness descends. Hell, by Poisoned Cherries (2003), he's being offered big bucks to take on a major role in a cop movie shooting in Edinburgh.

By For the Death of Me (2006), Oz is sitting pretty, rich beyond anything he ever dreamed of, and even relatively happy.

And then... *SPOILER ALERT!* he dies.

Not that that's the end of the story. In 2009, Jardine kicked off a new series, one that follows Primavera who's now living in a sleepy Spanish seaside village, and raising her and Oz's 10-year-old Tom.

A former journalist and an advisor in the Government Information Service, Quintin Jardine is now an independent public relations consultant and crime-writer. His work has been deemed both literate and gritty, and he's probably best known for his other series character, Scottish cop Bob Skinner, the head of Edinburgh's CID and a widower with a grown daughter who remarries and begins a new family.



Scottish Eyes

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