Birch Kirby
Created by Ross H. Spencer (1921-1998)

And amazingly, yet another of author Ross H. Spencer's patented low-rent, hard-drinking stumblebum Chicago private eyes who stagger, stumble and bumble their way through cases in a self-induced alcoholic fog while in pursuit of truth, justice, nymphomaniacs and beer. Man, he sure could crank 'em out.

For those of you keeping score, this one's name is BIRCH KIRBY, a gumshoe so inept that the CIA figures he must be a genius (don't ask). As a result, though, Birch becomes involved in a deadly game of espionage, counter-espionage and counter-counter espionage. Maybe even counter-counter-counter-espionage. Needless to say, Birch is way over his head.

Author Ross H. Spencer has created a whole slew of these guys. See also Lacey Lockington, Luke Lassiter and "Buzz" Deckard, and of course the legendary Chance Purdue,


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