Billy Povich
Created by Mark Arsenault

Newspaper hack and hard luck gambler BILLY POVICH never met a losing streak he didn't try to buy into, but so far, the novels featuring him have been pretty much a sure thing.

When we first meet him, in Gravewriter, Billy's just hanging on to his newspaper gig at a Providence, Rhode Island paper. Unfortunately, he's down to writing obituaries, he's in hock up to his ass to loan sharks and still recovering from his ex-wife's death in a car crash a year earlier. Jury duty in a murder trial seems like a suitable diversion -- until Billy starts to take a journalist's interest in the case.

It's an auspicious but downbeat debut, and in the 2009 sequel, Loot the Moon, Arsenault has moved on, nabbing a better reporting gig unearthing crime and corruption, but still living rough, still in hock to the sharks and still mournng his ex.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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