Velda Bellinghausen

Created by Ron Miller

I believe the operative word here is hubba-hubba.

This clipping from the The New York Graphic, dated February 2, 1951, pretty much says it all:


"To the disappointment of her many admirers, Miss Velda Bellinghausen, one of the better-known of the leggy chorines of Slotnik's Famous Follies, has turned in her g-string. What does the retiring ecdysiast plan to do with her time? Why, become a private detective, what else! The Bellinghausen Superior Detective Agency hung up its shingle today at 827 1/2 Morris St., ready for business, but we suspect that the beauteous Miss Bellinghausen will have most of her clients peeking through her keyhole."

Velda's dad was a New York cop, the "straightest cop the city ever had," and when he was killed, Velda felt she just had to do something. Turning P.I., her first big break was cracking the Sline case, which resulted in some real notoriety. Unfortunately, Hollywood never called, although she did sign a deal to and ended up with an honest-to-goodness detective pulp named after her. Though it lasted for only two lousy issues, and, as Velda puts it, "All I got out of it was 75 bucks and a lot of strange mail."

I'll bet. Sorry, guys, but it looks like Velda's saving herself for her best pal, Chester "Chip" Finney, ace reporter for The New York Graphic. She's hoping he'll come around some day...

Velda's the creation of illustrator supreme Ron Miller, a man who claims to have far too much free time on his hands. It certainly seems like it, at this point, because although there's a Velda book in the can, it hasn't been published yet, even though there's already a full-tilt boogie web site online AS WE SPEAK! It's obvious Ron knows a thing or two about the P.I. racket -- and Velda's not hard on the eyes, either.

Like Dean Davis' site for King Bennett, this is a finely-rendered labour of love, a fitting tribute to the P.I. genre of the past. Maybe Velda and King should date.

In fact, when I first heard about Velda, I made the crack that "It sorta makes you wish these guys would actually cough up the real deal, instead of just teasing us so well."

Well, I guess you should be careful what you wish for. Ron called my bluff, and submitted a story to this site. We accepted it, and the result can be found in our Summer 2002 issue. And damn if we didn't go and accept another one. and another. and another. And now he's writing novels and comics and radio plays and short films and everything. It's a Velda world after all!


  • "If I never get beaten up again, it'll be none too soon! But at least I taught a couple of goons a lesson about what happens to boys who kick nice girls in the ribs."

  • "I resent being tied up naked in basements."

-- Velda draws the line, in "The Early Bird."


  • "Velda is the kind of detective I like."

-- Richard Prather

  • "Ron Miller is unfairly talented."

-- Sir Arthur C. Clarke




COMICS (Print)

    (2004-07, Black Cat Comics)
    16-36 pages, black and white
    Written and drawn by Raoul Molnar

  • Issue #1, January 2005
  • "Homicide Hotel"
  • "Butter Safe Than Sorry"

  • Issue 2, January 2005
  • "My First Case"
  • "Velda Meets the Strangler" (prose story)
  • "The Early Bird"
  • "Velda Versus The Red Menace"

  • Issue #3, May 2005 (also Free Comic Book Day, 2005, Thrilling Detective Web Site)
  • "Velda Goes on a Treasure Hunt"

  • Issue #4, March 2006
  • "Velda Joins the Circus"

  • Issue #5, March 2005
  • "Velda, Girl Detective"

  • Issue#6, February 2007
  • "Velda vs the DA"
  • "When My Chip Come In"
  • "The Phantom of the Follies"
  • "The Case of the Purloined Pegleg"

COMICS (Digital)

    (2015, Caliber Comics)
    Black and white
    Written and drawn by Raoul Molnar

Ambitious repackaging of the oeuvre for the digital market, all released in July 2015. Most include Neolithica: Girl of the Pleistocene, Hawkshaw Hawk: Bird Detective and assorted bonus "gag" features to fill out the issues.

  • Issue #1, July, 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Case of the Homicide Hotel"
  • "Butter Safe Than Sorry"
  • "Velda Does a Favor"

  • Issue #2, July 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Murder at the Follies!"
  • "Velda vs the Red Menace"
  • "The Early Bird."

  • Issue #3, July 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Velda Takes a Trip"
  • "Curse of Mwabwebe-Tutu"!

  • Issue #4, July 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Velda Goes to the Circus"
  • "Velda Goes to Hollywood"

  • Issue #5, September 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Murder on a Shoestring"
  • "Velda Plays Chicken"

  • Issue #6, July 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Her Chips Come In"!

  • Issue #7, July 2015.. Kindle it!
  • "Velda vs the Red Menace"
  • "The Prisoner of Zendaville"
  • "The Naked Milkmaid."

  • Issue #8, July 2015 ("Special double issue").. Kindle it!
  • "Seduction of the Innocent"


  • The Complete Velda, Girl Detective: Volume One (2015, Caliber Comics).. Buy this book
  • The Complete Velda, Girl Detective: Volume Two (2015, Caliber Comics).. Buy this book
  • The Complete Velda, Girl Detective: Volume Three (2015, Caliber Comics).. Buy this book
  • Velda, Girl Detective (2016, Caliber Comics).. Kindle it!

Collects issues 1-8 and all the Velda: Girl Detective bonus features. Over 370 pages!


A yummy site. You can even download The Official Velda Girl Detective Paper Doll Kit, The Official Velda Girl Detective Wall Calendar, the Velda comics, the radio play, the film and other goodies. Yowsah!!!

More about Ron Miller and his work than you can shake a stick at.

Stripper Detectives!

Lady Eyes from the Comics

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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